Funky Fresh Equipment Fundraiser

Final Update: $6,438
  Funky Fresh Grand Avenue Mall Loaction

***Feature Story on Biztimes 4/8/18***



    The last 20 days has been absolutely amazing! Over 100 of our Funky Fresh supporters came and pledged/donated and contributed to our dream! I’m overwhelmed and thankful for you all! All rewards claimed will be delivered in May! 


Donate now to help make Funky Fresh History!



Q: How do we make a donation/pledge?

A: Click on this link; it will take you to our secured site where you can view all of the rewards and make a donation.


Q: Do you accept cash/check?

A: Yes! You can write a check out to Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, or we can schedule a time to pick up a cash donation.


Q: Why aren’t you using Kickstarter or any other crowdfunding platform?

A: Kickstarter and other platforms may take up to two weeks after the additional 30–60 days that you decide to run your campaign. They also take 10% of the funds that you raise for processing fees, which can be a nice chunk of your capital.


Q: When can I redeem my rewards?

A: All of the rewards will be available May–June. We are hoping to run this campaign and work towards moving into our location in April.


Q: Can I receive rewards if I live out of state?

A: You can receive some of the awards, but not all of them. The frozen rolls, t-shirt, sticker, and cup can all be shipped!





Q: Can I buy multiple rewards?

A: Yes you can!


Donate now to help make Funky Fresh History!



Our Story

We are Funky Fresh Spring Rolls! We specialize in making the world’s best spring rolls! They are non traditional gourmet spring rolls handcrafted with fresh and local (when available) ingredients! Our spring rolls are NEVER, I repeat NEEEVVER deep fried but grilled in healthier oils. Some of our flavors include Buffalo Chicken+KaleChicken ClubChicken Broccoli+Mushroom w/Feta and the vegan favorite Sweet Potato+Black Bean.

We sell our highly addictive grilled spring rolls and more at farmers markets, festivals, and many live events. We also cater lunches and dinners for corporate and personal events.

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls was born in 2015 after I realized that my personal training clients needed healthier meals to consume after their workouts. Since 2015, we have doubled sales every year—even tripling sales from 2016–2017, when we sold over 50,000 spring rolls! All of this out of our pop up tent!

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