About Us

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are handcrafted gourmet spring rolls made with fresh and local(when available) ingredients. When sold hot they are grilled NEVER deep fried but grilled in healthier oils! We sell our Funky Fresh goodness at farmers markets ,sporting events, festivals, we also cater to office parties and family events.

2011/2012  I was at a turning point in life. I was 300 pounds , laid off from my job as a Sheet Metal Worker and desperately seeking change. The first step was to get my health in order. With the help of a tractor tire that goes by the name of “Big Bertha” I began to workout out and see rapid results. My family and friends noticed the change and wanted to join in on the fun. After an amazing 70 pound weight loss I started my business Getting Tired Fitness.  While training my clients I realized they needed help with eating healthier meals just as much as awesome workouts. I started with a Sweet Potato +Black Bean burrito . It was beyond tasty and I immediately thought it would taste better in a spring roll… at that moment FUNKY FRESH SPRING ROLLS was born. With over 10 flavors and many more healthy dishes we will strive to bring not only delicious meals but nutritious options to your lifestyle!