Hot Rolls: 1-$3.50    3-$9  6-$15  12-$30 
Frozen Rolls: 6-$12+  12-$24+ More than 5 dozen- $22+ per dozen
Spring Rolls Platters - Regular Platter ( Feeds 6-8) $35 Mega Platter (Feeds 9-14) $65
Catering (Please download form above)

Buffalo Chicken & Kale (Spicy)

The most popular roll by far the perfectly spiced Buffalo chicken is partnered with fresh kale, jalapeno, aged blue cheese and the right amount of creamy Greek yogurt to make these delightful treats the team favorite. Available Vegetarian

Chicken Club

Personally these are my FAVORITE rolls. I mean who doesn't love Avocados!! Ranch marinated grilled chicken , crispy turkey Bacon, juicy plum tomatoes and low fat mozzarella cheese. Love in a ROLL!

Chicken Broccoli and Mushroom+Feta

On the rise to take the title of the "Most Popular", these rolls are also loved by many. The secret to these rolls success is not in the ingredients but the sequence that they are prepared ( Sorry can't Share 🙂 Filled with saute broccoli, mushroom, feta and other Italian flavors. These are will also punch your taste buds in the face. Available Vegetarian

Sweet Potato and Black Bean (Vegan)

This is actually the first roll we made! The healthiest out of the bunch and also a Vegan's BFF the "Sweet Black" has Red/Green Peppers, Red onons, Cilantro and Southwestern Spices that even the non- Vegans/Vegetarians will love!

Special Order Rolls (Special Rolls take 2-3 days to produce)

(New) Chicken Curry and Quinoa (Spicy)

This roll has a mix of traditional curry flavors which includes a nice kick, meshed together with quinoa and mic veggies.. this roll is a soon to be favorite. Available Vegan

Honey Sriracha Chicken and Asparagus (Spicy)

This roll is made its debut top of the year 2015 with a bang! The sweet and spicy combo of the honey sriracha is sure to make mouths WATER! Paired with grilled asparagus and cilantro.. This roll has become MY personal favorite! Available Vegetarian 

Breakfast Roll I

Fluffy scrambled eggs, premium cut turkey bacon , crispy hash browns, sun dried tomatoes , mozzarella cheese.

 Shiitake Bacon Breakfast Roll (Vegan)

Did you know that if season  shiitake mushrooms and bake them they taste like bacon! Not like fake bacon but bacon bacon!! This vegan breakfast option also includes, sweet potato, avocado and roasted peppers.

BBQ Chicken Apple Coleslaw

I think we can agree most people LOVE BBQ! If you do then the BBQ Chicken Spring Roll is for you!! Its not just called BBQ, its marinated and cooked on a real grill!! Paired with juicy Fiji Apples and Coleslaw to give you a sweet,crunchy bite of HEAVEN!

Turkey Sausage Supreme Pizza rolls

Our take on a world wide favorite food stuff inside a roll!  Sweet Italian turkey sausage ,loaded with peppers, onions, mushrooms, low fat mozzarella and our house marinara sauce.

Breakfast Roll II

Fluffy Egg Whites, turkey sausage, spinach , mushroom smoke white cheddar.

Gyro Spring Roll

Only created several times per year this roll has become Funky Fresh Legend. Gyro strips, cucumber, tomato,red onion, feta, and home made tzatziki sauce.


Quinoa Veggie Stir Fry

Our signature side with organic quinoa , roasted red peppers, broccoli , sauté in olive oil.

Strawberry Avocado Cashew Salad

Fresh cut strawberries topped on crispy spinach , avocado,green apples cashews and blue cheese.

Guilt Free Mac and Cheese

Is this possible? With the help of Quinoa/chick pea macaroni, cauliflower alfredo sauce this is so delicious you won't know its doesn't have cheese!!

Mean Green Salad

All green everything . Kale. Green Apple. Avocado. Broccoli. Cucumber. Mixed together with our signature Olive Oil dressings.

Southwestern Chicken Salad

Grilled Southwestern chicken, black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, avocado with fiesta ranch dressing.

Sweet Potato Chicken Fajita Fries

Crispy baked Sweet Potatoes topped with red/yellow peppers , grilled chicken, Monterrey jack, avocado, cilantro and creamy greek yogurt on top! Available Vegan

Signature Sauces

The rolls are great but when you add some of our sauces.. It will take our rolls to the next level!!!

Fiesta Ranch Greek Yogurt(Signature)

Boom Boom Sauce (Spicy Thousand island)

Sriracha Ranch Greek Yogurt

Sweet Chili (Vegan)

Avocado Ranch Greek Yogurt

We also cater! Get Funky Fresh to cater your next event. Let us know how many people you want to feed, the time, and we can do the rest. If you would like a spread of our delicious rolls or other healthier items, we can accommodate your needs! Call us at (414) 732-1531 for more information, or fill out the form at the top of this page.