Funky Fresh Spring Rolls

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls are unique flavored, hand rolled spring rolls made with fresh and local ingredients. When sold hot they are grilled NEVER deep fried to give you a healthier option to a traditionally "greasy" favorite. We sell our Funky Fresh goodness at farmers markets, sporting events, festivals, we also cater to office parties and family events.

Trueman, The man behind the rolls.

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Spring Roll Flavors

Buffalo Chicken + Kale(Spicy)

The most popular roll by far. Spicy chicken partnered with crispy kale, jalapenos, Greek yogurt and aged blue cheese. This roll is spicy enough to make you sweat, but tasty enough that you will forget!

Chicken Broccoli and Mushrooms

On the rise to take the title of the most popular, these rolls are also loved by many. The secret to these rolls success is not in the ingredients but the love we have for making them! Filled with steamed broccoli, portobello mushrooms, feta cheese and fresh basil and oregano.

Chicken Club

Personally these are my FAVORITE rolls. I mean who doesn't love Avocados!! Ranch marinated grilled chicken, crispy turkey bacon, juicy roma tomatoes and low fat mozzarella cheese. Love in a ROLL!

Sweet Potato / Black Bean (Vegan)

This is actually the first roll we made! The healthiest out of the bunch and also a "Vegan's BFF" has red/green peppers,cilantro and southwestern spices that even the non- Vegans/Vegetarians will love!

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